Heavy Duty Stump Grinder

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The Jenkins Iron & Steel heavy-duty Stump Grinder with hydraulic swing and depth control features a 25″ diameter cutting wheel, that will shear your stumps to dust.

Featuring an Eaton Char-Lynn motor and a commercial-grade 3/4” heavy-duty disc with 700 series Carbide Green teeth. These teeth can be sharpened and rotated 3 times before having to replace them. Rather than shredding your stumps, our Stump Grinder grinds them down to dust making it more efficient for more power. Our Stump Grinder has a 50” swing and can penetrate the ground up to 10”.


  • Eaton Char-Lynn motor

  • Hydraulic swing and depth control

  • 25″ diameter cutting wheel

  • 700 series Carbide Green teeth
  • Commercial 3/4″ HD disc

  • Hydraulically adjustable vertically and horizontally

  • Standard flow only, 14-25gpm


    Total Length 74"
    Arm Length 48"
    Height 28"
    Weight 652 lbs