Do I need a machine on site to receive shipment? TOP

Yes, you need a machine in order to unload the attachments.


Will this fit my machine? TOP

All of our skid steer attachments are universal fit. SO yes as long as you have skid steer hook-up. We also provide mounting plates to get you to have skid steer hook-up as well.


Can I pick up locally? TOP

Yes you can come to our shop and pick up anything you want. All you will need is a truck or a trailer depending on what you are getting and how it will fit. Our address is 1950 Highway 42 South McDonough GA, 30252


Will I be charged sales tax? TOP

8% Sales tax will be charged if you live in the state of GA.  If you are tax exempt or have a gate cart in the state of GA please call us at 678-782-5931.