Landscape Supplies sold Locally


Not only do we offer heavy equipment attachments, but you can get local garden supplies while you’re here. You’ll find straw, boulders, fill dirt, mulch, sand, and crush and run for all your landscaping needs.  All products listed here are sold locally at 1950 Hwy 42 South in McDonough Ga.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 678-782-5931 or use our contact form.

Crush & Run $30 a scoop
Fill Dirt $15 a scoop
Masonry Sand $30/ River Sand $26
Lava Rock $75 per scoop
Long Need Pine Straw $4 a Bale
Boulders 10 cents per pound
Brown Mulch $30 per scoop
Red Mulch $30 per scoop
Black Mulch $30 per scoop
Pine Bark $30 per scoop
Top Soil $26 per scoop
Field Stone By Pallet 10 cents per lbs
Flagstone 18 cents per lbs
Pea Gravel $55 per Scoop
Pea Gravel
Organic Compound $36 a scoop
Organic Compost
#57 Gravel $45 a scoop
#57 Gravel
We also sell:
#4 Natural River Rock $75 per scoop,
#5 river rock $65 as scoop,
#4 gravel $45 a scoop,
Jumbo Slate chips $75 a scoop,
Cobblestone 18 cents a lbs
River rock on pallet 10 cents per lbs, 
#66 white rock $65,