Stump Grinder

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The easiest and fastest method of stump removal is from using a Stump Grinder Attachment.  This skid steer attachment demolishes any size stump in just minutes.   Whether you are a professional Tree removal company or a do it yourself guy, this stump grinder is for you.  
  • Direct drive system
  • True direct drive system - same as our tried and proven cutters ( No Chain like our Competitors at Skid Pro)
  • True stump grinding teeth GREEN-TEETH - not the Heat treated ones like our Competitors
  • You'll have to look at the $9,000 Blue Diamond Models to Compare anything Close.
  • 2K Newest Series Eaton Hydraulic motor for maximum cutting wheel speed and grinding torque
  • Massive 24" cutting wheel
  • 15 Carbide Teeth: Turn-able, replaceable, top of the line TEETH gives aggressive bite and superior efficiency
  • Unique design eliminates costly secondary cylinders and electric-over-hydraulic controls and performance lag
  • 100% of skid steers hydraulic output is concentrated on cutting wheel for maximum performance & efficiency
  • Best-in-class 10" below ground cutting depth for easy fill-in and grass seeding over top