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We sold a SD Root Rake Grapple today. This is our most common grapple that we sell. These sd root rake skid steer grapples are great for moving trees, twigs, various debris and brush. They have quick connect set up and are universal fit for skid steer. We have various sizes they come in 60" 66" 72" and 78". These sd root rake grapple  attachments are made right here in the USA. We also carry them in John Deere Style as well. We always want to give our customers the best experience possible. Logs, brush, and debris can be difficult to...

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McDonough Equipment & Attachments sells affordable Commercial Grade Skid Steer Attachments and other Tractor equipment implements Come treat yourself to our Skid steer Attachments or our 3 point tractor implements today!!   McDonough Equipment & Attachments also sells accessories such as hydraulic oil, grease, tires, tracks, bearings, hydraulic hoses, service trailers and provide welding and make hydraulic hoses and fittings.  McDonough Equipment & Attachments keeps a machine on site to get you loaded.  Local delivery and shipping is available for a small fee. Come on out and get what you need today!!  We have an assortment of other items!! Root grapples Clam grapples rock...

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Recently sold a set of Heavy Duty Forks, these Heavy Duty Forks are 48" size and have a 5,000lb weight capacity. These Heavy Duty forks skid steer forks are our most commonly ones that are sold. We do carry a light duty set but they only have a 2000lb weight capacity.   Looking for skid steer attachment forks? With a heavy lifting job in front of you, there are better ways to work then trying to do it all by yourself and hurting your back.  Thankfully, the MTL skid steer fork attachment has a 5,000-pound capacity. That means that you can lift...

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