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We had a customer purchase a 80" Extreme Root Grapple as well as a 48" Root Grapple and a set of 48" Forks. Our 80"Exreme Root Grapple is priced at $2300, the 48" Root Grapple is $899,and our 48" Forks are priced at $650. The 80"Extreme root grapple is dual cylinder and extreme duty made for machines over 70hp. The 48" is standard single cylinder and is made for smaller machines. Our 48" pallet forks can carry up to 5,000lbs. Highest quality Construction - BUILT IN THE USA High Strength solid all 1/2" Steel Construction Massive 4" Square tubing top...

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Solid Bottom Grapples cost new for $1250. It is sold in 72" & 78" sizes.  This attachment Solid Bottom Grapples has best of two attachments in one.  It has the smooth leveling action of a regular bucket with grabbing action like a grapple. A36 steel. This grade steel is strong enough to take on heavy duty jobs yet lighter and less brittle than steel of another caliber. Our Solid Bottom Grapple Attachment uses powerful double 2x10 hydraulic cylinders which are connected to heavy duty tongs constructed of 5/8 steel to ensure maximum PSI per minute.These Solid Bottom Grapples are ideal for the private...

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Our Extreme Root Rake Grapple just recently sold. This particular grapple sells for $2300. It is made for machines that are for 70hp and up. Definitely a hard working piece of equipment. This Extreme root rake grapple is used for moving large debris and trees that have been cut down and are in need of moving. The skid steer grapple is made of 1/2" steel and is very durable. This extreme root rake grapple will definitely get the job done. We always guarantee our customer satisfaction. Looking to remodel your yard, garden, or farm? This tool is perfect for helping...

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