Get the Job Done with the XC7 Brush Cutter Extreme

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Get the Job Done with the XC7 Brush Cutter Extreme

One of our most popular skid steer attachments is the MTL XC7 Brush Cutter Extreme. It gest the job done whether you’re tackling brush, ditches, or clearing trails. You’ll love that it tackles saplings up to 7 inches in diameter.

What makes the XC7 Brush Cutter Extreme so impressive? Let’ start with the TRUE DIRECT DRIVE motor that makes things super friendly with no belts, gears, or chains to break. It takes the hassle out of the job with simplicity.

Another feature you’ll appreciate is the double flywheel carrier. It’s been proven to be 3x stronger than a single stack. Can’t argue with that. The stronger the equipment, the better your value in this case. Speaking of value, have you compared pricing between the MTL XC7 Brush Cutter Extreme and the Bradco Ground Shark? You can’t take that big savings right to the bank, because the MTL will get the job done at a steep discount.

When you’re ready to clear property lines or building lots, we recommend you check out the XC7 Brush Cutter Extreme. Get the job done. Take the hassle out of the job and save money while you’re at it. There’s a reason this skid steer accessory is such a popular seller, and it’s because it offers the total package at a price you can afford.

Don’t forget, this great MTL skid steer attachment is made in the USA, something we can all stand behind.

Give us a call or stop by today to learn more about all the attachments we offer and check out the XC7 Brush Cutter Extreme. You’ll be glad you did.

Oh! Did I mention that this sweet piece of machinery cuts bi-directionally? Forward and backward. What more can you ask for? Convenience at its best.


  • Micheal Henley

    This xc7 brush cutter is bad ass! It gets the job done in minutes! I have not had any problems with this skid steer attachment yet and dont think I ever will.

  • Mitchell H

    i love this brush cutter. This attachment makes my life easier

  • Ellen Vazquez

    We use this skid steer at the farm when its time to cut the over grown grass. it cuts so fast and I only have to go over the area with the brush cutter once!

  • Jimmy Cochran

    I just wanted to say that this MTL Brush cutter is a great skid steer attachment. I live local to your store in McDonough so I was able to pick up same day. Brooke was a great sales person and helped me the whole way.

  • walker bailey

    I bought one of these Brush Cutters last year and it has been the best item I have added to my Skid Steer landscaping inventory. It amazes me sometimes how much it can cut. Pretty awesome how it cuts bi bidirectionally too.

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