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McDonough Equipment and Attachments is your one-stop shop for local landscaping supplies in the McDonough and surrounding areas such as: Stockbridge, Locust Grove, Jenkinsburg, Jackson and Covington. If you’ve been thinking about tackling a project and need larger quantities than a bagged product offers, you’ll find our large quantity of landscaping supplies a perfect fit. Whether you come in to pick up your rock, dirt, or mulch or need it delivered, we can help. If it’s mulch that you’re looking for, we sell it by skid steer bucket, which means there will be plenty to spread around so you can...

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You’re getting ready to tackle your latest landscaping project, but just realized buying things like mulch by the bag is either going to be too costly or a hassle. Especially when you need a lot. That’s where we come in. When you have a larger project you want to handle, McDonough Equipment and Attachments is the place to go. Not only are we a veteran owned business, but we offer service with a smile, quality and value. Thinking about expanding your driveway? Crush and run, which is quarry process stone, is a great topper for your driveway project. Imagine all...

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