Skid Steer Attachments | Root Grapple Bucket Attachments

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Skid Steer Attachments | Root Grapple Bucket Attachments

When you have a job like clearing brush, dealing with a thorny thatch, or moving hay piles, a skid steer root grapple bucket attachment might be what you’re looking for. We recommend the MTL skid steer attachments for their high quality and good value, and love that they’re made in the USA.

Let’s look at what the MTL Root Grapple Bucket attachment is all about. First, you’ll want to pay attention to how a product like this is made. The MTL attachment is solid steel construction and offers a universal fit. That means it fits 99% of all skid steers, which makes for a smooth transition when you’re attaching the product to your machine.

One of the things you’ll appreciate about this particle product is the protected hydraulic lines, the greased fittings on all moveable parts, along with the quality powder coating.

Their serrated teeth mean the root grapple bucket attachment clamps down on your load, keeping it secure. The massive tubing on the top and bottom makes your job seamless. The extra gripping power of the serrated teeth is something you didn’t know you’d love until you use it. Now, there’s no more worrying about your load coming free.

McDonough Equipment and Attachments not only carries MTL root grapple bucket attachments, but we have all your skid steer attachment needs. We also can help you with accessories and more. Come see us at 1950 Highway 42 South in McDonough, GA today. We’re ready to help you find exactly what you need. We offer quality customer service, value, and are a veteran owned business. See why our customers give us high ratings and keep coming back.

By offering durable, strong, quality equipment like the MTL skid steer root grapple bucket attachments, you get the best product for the job at a great value.


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