Why to Choose the XC7 Brush Cutter Extreme

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Why to Choose the XC7 Brush Cutter Extreme

Whether you’re clearing trails, brush, saplings or ditches, you’ll want the best tool for the job. The XC7 Brush Cutter Extreme is a good choice when it comes to skid steer accessories. Not only is it made in the USA, it’s got great features you’ll appreciate.

  • Double flywheel carrier
  • Solid steel deck plate
  • Greaseable bearing housing
  • Bi-directional operation

There’s plenty more that makes the XC7 Brush Cutter Extreme stand out to us. It’s a popular seller because it’s a solid piece of equipment that gets the job done.

Not only can you cut 7-inch diameter trees, it makes cleaning up brush a breeze.

Let’s look at what makes the double flywheel carrier so special. When you make a large investment, you want the attachment to be well-made. Strong. That’s where the double flywheel carrier exceeds—in strength. In fact, it’s 3x stronger than that of a single stack. We weren’t fooling around when we said it was strong.

Another thing you’ll love is that in 2019, they updated to a greaseable bearing housing. This makes maintenance a snap and saves you the hassle of problems going unnoticed.

When it comes to a skid steer attachment that just plain works, we highly recommend the XC7 Brush Cutter Extreme. The last part of the equation is pricing. You not only get quality equipment, but you save money. Compare the cost to the Bradco Ground Shark or the Blue Diamond, and you’ll see that not only will the MLT Brush Cutter Extreme do the job, it will save you money while doing it.

Make clean up less of a chore with the right skid steer attachment. You’ll appreciate having the right piece of equipment for the job.


  • James Jacobs

    I have been selling this Brush cutter for years. It’s a great product. You can’t go wrong with it.

  • Brooke Lunsford

    We still enjoy this product to this day!

  • Selena Jacobs

    This brush cutter doesnt disappoint. I did my research before purchasing at the McDonough Equipment store. They gave me a great deal. Good folks.

  • Jimmy Cochran

    I almost bought this brush cutter from another dealer but McDonough Equipments customer service is a lot better than the other dealer in GA. There prices were better too. I’ll come back to them again to buy other skid steer products. Thanks for the awesome services and products.

  • Stacia Cunningham

    I bought this brush cutter for my husband as a surprise gift for my husband 2 years ago. He still uses the skid steer all the time :)

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